Antique Airplane Association of Colorado and The T-Craft Project
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T-Craft Project Purpose To form a core group of young people interested in aviation and mentor them to further their aviation education and goals. To acquire and rebuild a light sport aircraft with the assistance of this group using existing expertise and funding from the club. We will use this site to share plans, pictures of our progress, and useful information.
Notice - Please Read: Neither the Antique Airplane Association of Colorado nor the owners of Antique field organize, control or provide airplane rides or flight instruction!!! Any airplane rides or instruction are a private arrangement between the pilot and the passengers--NO Exceptions.
News & Happenings   The Taylorcraft is sold and has a new in Oklahoma. Thanks to all who worked on this project and particularly the officers of the Trust far all the work during the sale. Stay tuned for what happens in the future with our project. It has been a great project and has turned out quite a few future airmen and women. Billy Mitchell, our test pilot, says it flies like a dream. Club Meeting Date and Location  New - Club Officers and Committees with contact info Club Scholarship Program   Next Work Session -  See Club Calendar Club Calendar  Workshop Progress Photos by Don Singer New - Club Documents Including Club Brochure for Printing Online 2015 Membership Application  PDF format    
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A good article about Jack Greiner. The video below was published in the October 15, 2009 issue of

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